The Western Canon

Role: UI/UX


The Western canon is the collection of high culture literature, music, philosophy, and works of art that is highly valued in the West: works that have achieved the status of classics.

For this particular UI exploration it was decided to focus only on literature and was chosen the appendix of Harold Bloom’s book “The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages” as the main source of information, clearly, in a very shallow approach. A pretext to play visually with the most trivial data: Names of the authors who have been selected to represent the core of the western canon, historical anniversaries, nations, etc. Besides, It was decided to focus only in what is called The Aristocratic Age (1321-1832).

The main goal was to find a balance between classic assets (A classic serif typeface, oil painting portraits, engraving illustration, covers and pages of early books’ editions) and a kind of a playful display of information applied to a few online interfaces. It was the intention to reinforce that playfulness with some smooth interactions between interface elements and cursor.

Images of writers, books and illustration are Public Domain or are under Creative Commons Attributions and have been downloaded from Wikimedia Commons, British Library collections,,, Wellcome Library London and except for: Miguel de Cervantes by Eduardo Balaca y Orejas Canseco ©Museo Nacional del Prado.

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