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Industrias RAM, a small family factory based in the countryside of Colombia, has been making little children’s shoes at modest prices for more than 20 years.

With a globalized and aggressive market flooded with cheap products imported from China, they decided to renew themselves and add value to their products. They have decided to do this through the redesign of their little shoes and by embracing a new brand narrative which communicates their own values: Modesty, Humility, Optimism, Happiness,and Playfulness but above all, a link with the countryside.

Happily and proudly made in Colombia’s countryside.
Their products are basic and modest and they’re proud of it. Furthermore, they are made in a rural environment, far from any industrial area or large city, in a farm near Anolaima, a town in the middle of the countryside.
Not only do they try to make the best shoes they can, they also provide job opportunities for the young adults in the zone.

They’re grateful for their natural environment and enjoy the colorfulness and richness of a land full of fruits, mountains and hundreds of unique tropical animal species.

Creative concept: A Product from the countryside
These shoes reflect the environment of Anolaima, the fruit capital of Colombia. Its natural wealth, full of abstraction, color and organic shapes, inspires a straightforward visual system that links the colorfulness of nature with the colorfulness of childhood. A link is also created between the names of some of the exotic fruits harvested in the region (lulo, uchuba, guayaba, pitaya, feijoa, maracuyá) and some of the basic, repetitive phonemes spoken by infants. So, we leave behind the seriousness of the name “Industrias RAM” and we welcome “MUMÚ”, a more playful and childish name.

Naming: Andrés M. González.
Photo: Harold Londoño e Ingmar Torijano.
Client: Industrias Ram. Anolaima, Colombia.

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