Role: Creative Director


To highlight the fact that playing ONCE’s lotteries have different and more significant repercussions than playing lotteries with other brands, we created a communication platform under the message: When you play, We all get to play.

Besides, we created a campaign based on the biggest blockbuster of Spain in 2018 and award-winner of 3 Goyas: Campeones (, the heart-warming story of a basketball team of disabled people who want to be champions.

So, we reunited the beloved basketball team at the heart of its story to bring a powerful background message: When you play La ONCE’s lotteries, you are helping thousands of disabled individuals to be champions too. “When you play, we all get to play.”

Copywriter: Ramiro Alda
Graphic Design and UI/UX: Víctor Vázquez
Creative Direction: Ramiro Alda and Diego González
Creative Executive Direction: Chus Rasines
Production Company: Películas Pendelton
Director: Javier Fesser
Producer(Películas Pendelton): Luis Manso
AV Producer (Ogilvy): Aarón Lago y Pablo Riaño
Account team: José Luis Salazar y Rocío Dobarco
Brand: ONCE

Diego A. González
Creative, Visual
& Graphic Designer
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